Moran brothers

Moran brothers, c. 1892. Left to right: John Moran? (1854-1921); Alexander Michael Moran (1872-1939); and James Moran (1858-1899).

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The website covers the family histories of a number of Irish and French Canadian families in the Ottawa Valley area, including the Morans of Huntley township (Carleton County, Ontario); the Laheys and Killeens of March township (Carleton County, Ontario); the McGlades of Perth (Lanark County, Ontario); the McCarthys of Kitley township (Leeds County, Ontario); and the Derouins of Otter Lake (Pontiac County, Quebec).

It also offers tips and tricks for the pursuit of Irish and Canadian genealogy: how to trace your Irish ancestry through Canadian sources; how to search the census records and census substitutes; how to decipher, translate, and interpret the Catholic parish records; and more.

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