Integrating TNG with Movable Type?

This blog runs on Movable Type (currently using version 4.32, and with no immediate plans to upgrade to 5).

The (soon-to-be-launched) genealogy database uses TNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding, version 7.1.3). Seriously powerful MySQL database-based system for sending your genealogical data out into cyberspace. Wondrous and wonderful software, which I highly recommend. I’m convinced there’s no better web-ready genealogy software out there.
But: the CSS for TNG is a bit…quirky; and of course MT has its own logic…
I’m now trying to make the TNG-powered portion of this site look more or less like the MT-powered portion which I think of as its home base. It’s surprisingly (though there’s no reason why I should be surprised, really) difficult, fraught with perils and pitfalls and orphaned IDs and redundant class selectors…Well, I’m no markup maven; I’m just a humble genealogist who doesn’t know from GEDCOM.
If there’s anyone out there on the internets who has successfully integrated TNG with MT, I’d be very interested in learning how this was done. I swear I’d pay good money for a plugin.