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Early Baptisms, St. Francis de Sales, Smiths Falls: Part I

Early Baptisms (May 1848-Dec 1849), St. Francis de Sales, Smiths Falls, Montague township, Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada

This is my own transcription, some of the names were hard to make out. I have resisted the urge to “correct” the spellings. You should check the original for names, dates, and other details, and especially for the names of sponsors/godparents (which I have not included here due to space constraints).

Date of BaptismNameDate of BirthFatherMother
Date of BaptismNameDate of BirthFatherMother
27 May 1848Jeremiah DONAVIN27 May 1848Michael DONAVIN Johanna MAHONEY
27 May 1848Mary Ann HEVERON28 Feb 1848Michael HEVERON Ann HEALY
27 May 1848Patrick DONAVIN21 May 1848Thomas DONAVIN Bridget FOGARTY
27 May 1848Bridget Ann KELLY31 Apr 1848Richard KELLY Elizabeth ENNIS
11 Jun 1848Patrick REILLY6 May 1848John REILLY Mary QUCENAN
28 May 1848Fintan MURRAY2 Apr 1848John MURRAY Mary MOONEY
28 May 1848James JUDGE30 Nov 1847Dennis JUDGE Margaret DAWSON
28 May 1848Ellen O'BRIEN25 Apr 1847Patrick O'BRIEN Hannah VAUGHAN
11 Jun 1848Mary HUGHES11 Apr 1848Patrick HUGHES Margaret LACY
Jun 1848Margret McLAUGHLINMichail McLAUGHLIN Mary O'HORA
Jun 1848Catharine RAPEThomas RAPE Barbary RAPER
Jun 1848John HEALYPatrick HEALY Catharine GALLAHAN
2 Jul 1848Eliza MURPHY12 Jun 1848John MURPHY Eliza CONNORS
2 Jul 1848Michael MORAN22 May 1848Patrick MORAN Sarah GRANAHAN
2 Jul 1848Rosaline DITARD8 Apr 1848Garbriel DITARDJulia MARGILLIER
16 Jul 1848John MORRISSY14 Apr 1848Martin MORRISSYMary BARRY
16 Jul 1848Sarah Jane LALLY3 Jul 1848Patrick LALLYElizabeth LYNCH
30 Jul 1848Edward DOUHER20 May 1848John DOUHERRebeca McMANUS
6 Aug 1848Bridget FOLEY5 Jul 1848John FOLEYMargaret McGOVERN
6 Aug 1848Martin MERCIER15 Apr 1848Patrick MERCIERAnn JUDGE
13 Aug 1848Mary LOFTUS26 Jun 1848Anthony LOFTUSBridget KELLY
13 Aug 1848Michael HAGARTY4 Aug 1848Michael HAGARTYCatherine LOUTH
13 Aug 1848Patrick MURPHY27 Jul 1848Patrick MURPHYLymanthy HOLLIDAY
13 Aug 1848Mary MORAN28 Jul 1848Patrick MORANCatherine HEALY
20 Aug 1848Daniel FISHER5 May 1848John FISHERMary HART
27 Aug 1848Thomas DEMPSEYPeter DEMPSEYEllen SALMON
3 Sep 1848Peter CADDENPatrick CADDENAnn BYRNE
10 Sep 1848Patrick FLEMMINGDominick FLEMMINGJudy MALONE
17 Sep 1848John RYAN11 Sep 1848Matthew RYANWinifred FEENY
1 Oct 1848Honoria BAGAN14 Mar 1848Michael BAGANBridget FITZGERALD
1 Oct 1848John WARD27 May 1848Thomas WARDEllen FITZGERALD
1 Oct 1848Mary GASHE13 Sep 1848Samuel GASHERebecca CLARK
1 Oct 1848Michael O'CONNELL4 May 1848Patt O'CONNELLAnn FITZGERALD
1 Oct 1848Catharine FITZGERALD4 Jan 1848Michail FITZGERALDMary ENRIGHT
8 Oct 1848Elizabeth CONLON4 Sep 1848Patrick CONLINEliza CONLIN
8 Oct 1848John McDERMOTT4 Aug 1848Luke McDERMOTTAnn DOYLE
8 Oct 1848Margaret BANVILLE1 Sep 1848Patrick BANVILLEMary KELLY
15 Oct 1848James Amos COONS8 Sep 1848George COONSMary MURPHY
15 Oct 1848Patrick HART2[?] Aug 1848Cormick HARTWinifred LYNCH
22 Oct 1848Mary HOURIGAN11 Aug 1848Michael HOURIGANBridget MALONY
29 Oct 1848Margt MORIN27 Oct 1848Anthony MORINMary CONNORS
29 Oct 1848Ellen WHITE7 Sep 1848Thomas WHITEMarg KELLY
29 Oct 1848Mary TRAYNOR15 Oct 1848John TRAYNORAnn FLOYD
1 Nov 1848Buller Ann CURTIS1831Arr CURTISAllice WARNER
19 Nov 1848James DOYLE3 Nov 1848Patrick DOYLEMary HUGHS
9 Dec 1848Sally BALF15 Nov 1848Thomas BALFSally KENNY
10 Dec 1848Stephen DERMADY28 Nov 1848James DERMADYAnn BOURKE
17 Dec 1848Mary Ann DONOHOUE17 Nov 1848Michael DONOHOUEMary EARLY
17 Dec 1848Patrick McELROY30 Oct 1847Patrick McELROYRosey TRAYNOR
17 Dec 1848Bridget MURPHY9 Oct 1848Patrick MURPHYMary ASH
24 Dec 1848Anthony GARVIN1 Dec 1848Thomas GARVINMary HOBIN
24 Dec 1848Thomas CAULLY1 Dec 1848Roger CAULLYCatherine HOBIN
31 Dec 1848Jeremiah HOURIGAN20 Nov 1848James HOURIGANEllen REILY
5 Jan 1849John SCANLON28 Dec 1848James SCANLONHeneretta CONNOLLY
19 Jan 1849Catherine McDEARMOTT10 Jan 1849John McDEARMOTTEliza KELLY
23 Jan 1849Eliza KELLY20 Sep 1848William KELLYMargaret ENNIS
24 Jan 1849Mary O'MALLEY1844James O'MALLEYAlice WARNER
24 Jan 1849Sarah WARRENER18 Apr 1848Frasday WARRENERMarry PATTEN
26 Jan 1849Michael FLOOD4 Nov 1848Michael FLOODMary MAGLONE
3 Feb 1849John KELLY28 Jan 1849Richard KELLYEliza ENNIS
4 Feb 1849Christopher DEMPSEY29 Jan 1849Michael DEMPSEYElizabeth FLANAGAN
7 Feb 1849Elizabeth GREER5 Dec 1848Thos. GREERMargaret GRADY
7 Feb 1849Patrick MANY5 Feb 1849Michael MANYMary NAUGHTEN
7 Feb 1849Mary O'GRADY2 Jul 1848Francis O'GRADYBridget TOWHEY
8 Feb 1849Thomas McGUIRE3 Aug 1848Edward McGUIREMary BOLAND
8 Feb 1849Mary CHURCHFIELD1 Jan 1849Anthony CHURCHFIELDMary LACHEN
8 Feb 1849Honora HOWLEY4 Apr 1848Hugh HOWLEYCatherine KEARY
4 Feb 1849Margaret Ann GASCO23 Nov 1848Joseph GASCORosella SHAMEAU
4 Feb 1849Thomas LACY17 Dec 1848Charles LACYCatherine SHEA
4 Feb 1849John HUNT6 Jan 1849James HUNTCatherine CAVANAGH
4 Feb 1849Thomas O'CONNOR1 Aug 1848Peter O'CONNORMary O'CONNOR
17 Feb 1849Ann QUINN23 Dec 1848Peter QUINNBridget HAGARTY
24 Feb 1849Elizabeth MARRANov 1848William MARRAMargaret PROVOST
25 Feb 1849Andrew DONOHOUEFeb 1849Thomas DONOHOUEHonora MARRA
25 Feb 1849John REAGONNov 1848Cornelus REAGONMary WALSH
25 Feb 1849Elizabeth DAYLEYSep 1848Owen DAYLEYCatherine DOYLE
25 Feb 1849Mary Ann PATTERSONDec 1848William PATTERSONBridget KELLY
5 Mar 1849Thomas COLLINS26 Jan 1849Patrick COLLINSHanora JORDAN
7 Mar 1849David O'DONNELL1847Michael O'DONNELLMary CHARLAND
11 Mar 1849Dominick Jeremiah CASEY5 Mar 1849Richard CASEYBridget CAMPBELL
14 Mar 1849John O'KANE21 Feb 1849James O'KANESarah EAGLESSON
14 Mar 1849Elizabeth LOVELLY1844Edward LOVELLYBridget LOVELLY
14 Mar 1849Catherine McDONALD1844John McDONALDEllen LOVELLY
18 Mar 1849Mary O'GRADY25 Feb 1849Michael O'GRADYBridget JOY
21 Mar 1849Margaret DWYER5 Mar 1849Darby DWYEREllen CONNORS
20 Apr 1849Patrick FITZGERALD1848Patrick FITZGERALDMargaret SMITH
22 Apr 1849John BOYLE20 Apr 1849Martin BOYLEHannah LAMB
25 Apr 1849Catherine FORD1846Peter FORDMary MULDOON
25 Apr 1849Mary FORD1848Peter FORDMary MULDOON
29 Apr 1849Mary Ann HYNES23 Apr 1849Patrick HYNESMary DONLEVY
29 Apr 1849Bridget HYNES23 Apr 1849Patrick HYNESMary DONLEVY
29 Apr 1849James MORAN14 Feb 1849John MORANMary MORAN
30 Apr 1849Patrick FLOODJohn FLOODEllen McCANN
30 Apr 1849Mary FLOODJohn FLOODEllen McCANN
1 May 1849James FLOOD1844John FLOODEllen McCANN
1 May 1849John FLOOD1846John FLOODEllen McCANN
3 May 1849Ann NEWNAN21 Mar 1849John NEWNANAnnlia LAVERN
13 May 1849Thomas FILBIN5 May 1849Martin FILBINBridget MALOY
17 May 1849Margaret PHILIPS20 Apr 1849John PHILIPSWineford SHANNON
20 May 1849John MORIN18 May 1849Dominick MORINBridget WRIN
5 Jun 1849Isaac WARNER1845Erastius WARNERMary FADIN
5 Jun 1849Joseph Timothy COONS1845George COONSMary MURPHY
5 Jun 1849Catherine COONS1847George COONSMary MURPHY
5 Jun 1849Mary Ann ROONEYFeb 1849James ROONEYAnn CURTIS
5 Jun 1849John MURPHY1 May 1849James MURPHYMary O'BRIEN
7 Jun 1849Ann O'NEIL31 Apr 1849James O'NEILCatherine JAURDON
24 Jun 1849Mary Ann MURPHY12 Jun 1849Daniel MURPHYCatherine FUNIKIN
27 Jun 1849John RICE14 May 1849Edward RICEBridget BALDWIN
29 Jun 1849Mary Ann KIHOE27 Mar 1849Henry KIHOEAnn WATSON
29 Jun 1849Bridget RYAN7 Apr 1849James RYANJane KIHOE
29 Jun 1849Richard BRENANSep 1848Michael BRENANJane CUSACK
8 Jul 1849Mary RYAN19 May 1849Edward RYANJudah DAWSON
8 Jul 1849Andy BRIEN20 May 1849John BRIENMargaret HUGHES
8 Jul 1849James MURPHY20 Jun 1849John MURPHYCatherine SHEA
8 Jul 1849James McELROY3 Jun 1849James McELROYCatherine CORCORAN
22 Jul 1849Hannah JORDAN5 Jul 1849George JORDANAnn MARRA
22 Jul 1849Nicholas BOLF15 Jul 1849Nicholas BOLFCatherine KEALY
22 Jul 1849Jeremiah WARD30 Jun 1849Darby WARDEllen O'DONNELL
22 Jul 1849Thomas LeQUEA18 Jul 1849Alexy LeQUEAAurelia RAVILLE
15 Jul 1849Bridget HUNT1 Jun 1849Andrew HUNTMary BALF
29 Jul 1849Anna NOWLANJul 1849Michael NOWLANMary KELLY
12 Aug 1849Patrick BRANNEN28 Jul 1849Patrick BRANNENBridget FOGARTY
12 Aug 1849Catherine BUYRNS7 Jul 1849John BUYRNSEllen FREEMAN
12 Aug 1849John MANGER3 Jul 1849John MANGERBridget BURNS
19 Aug 1849Mary BURN21 Jul 1849James BURNMargaret GILCHRIST
23 Aug 1849Anthony JUDGE8 Aug 1849Patrick JUDGECatherine CANTON
26 Aug 1849Margaret SULLIVAN26 Apr 1849Daniel SULLIVANMargaret MAHONY
30 Aug 1849Thomas BOULIN24 Aug 1849John BOULINMary RAPE
2 Sep 1849Luke HEALY18 Aug 1849Peter HEALYMary CULLEN
2 Sep 1849Mary Ann TIERNEY14 Aug 1849Daniel TIERNEYAnn DORAN
9 Sep 1849William McEVOY6 Sep 1849Patrick McEVOYEllen O GRADY
9 Sep 1849Peter MERRICK9 May 1849Peter MERRICKAnn NOON
9 Sep 1849Ann JUDGE2 Sep 1849Denis JUDGEJane DANEY
9 Sep 1849Catherine O'HARA22 Aug 1849James O'HARAMary LENATE
11 Sep 1849Peter HOWLY12 Aug 1849John HOWLYMary LONG
23 Sep 1849Bridget HEALY6 Sep 1849Owen HEALYBridget O'HARA
30 Sep 1849Mary READY1 Sep 1849Patrick READYLucy GLEEN
30 Sep 1849Mary COCHRANE1 Jun 1849Thomas COCHRANEMadge COCHRANE
30 Sep 1849Margaret GALLIAPO15 Aug 1849Edward GALLIAPOMargaret DENEY
30 Sep 1849Eliza CARROLL4 Aug 1849Daniel CARROLLMary McDEARMOTT
7 Oct 1849Francis O'HARA20 Sep 1849Patrick O'HARAMargaret GARVIN
14 Oct 1849Catherine TIMON28 Sep 1849Michael TIMONCatherine MEAGHAN
14 Oct 1849James MARRAH21 Jul 1849William MARAHMary HALL
14 Oct 1849Leubear ROSE1 Oct 1849Amab ROSEAdeline LeBEAR
1 Oct 1849Michael O'HORA15 Sep 1849Michael O'HORAHanah VAUGHAN
21 Oct 1849John DERRIG18 Oct 1849James DERRIGMary QUINN
28 Oct 1849Joseph O'DONELL27 Sep 1849Jeremiah O'DONELLCatherine McKEEFER
1 Nov 1849John RAPE26 Oct 1849John RAPEBridget RAPE
4 Nov 1849Catherine DALY18 Oct 1849Bernard DALYElizabeth HUGHES
4 Nov 1849Elizabeth JUDGE28 Oct 1849James JUDGEMary FEENY
18 Nov 1849Sarah KAVENAGH31 Aug 1849Michael KAVENAGHCatherine DUNN
18 Nov 1849Catherine MORAN15 Oct 1849James MORANHonora MORAN
25 Nov 1849John CADDEN22 Nov 1849Patrick CADDENAnn BURNS
25 Nov 1849Margaret BOURKE15 Nov 1849Edward BOURKEMary McCARTY
8 Dec 1849Mary Ann HENESSY19 Nov 1849John HENESSYEliza CLAMPETT
12 Dec 1849William MAGUIRE4 Dec 1849Thomas MAGUIREElizabeth JUDGE
16 Dec 1849John Kilbourn TRACY6 Dec 1849Thomas TRACYAnne KILBOURN
23 Dec 1849Thomas COLLINS13 Dec 1849John COLLINSMary JONES
23 Dec 1849Mary Ann REELY2 Dec 1849John REELYMary CUNEENE
25 Dec 1849Bridget HEVRIN28 Aug 1849Owen HEVRINMary HART
25 Dec 1849Catherine MORAN17 Dec 1849Michael MORANMargaret DANE
30 Dec 1849Ellen McCAFFERY7 Nov 1849Terence McCAFFERYAnn CALLAGHAN
30 Dec 1849John SWEENY16 Dec 1849Timothy SWEENYAnn O'HORA
31 Dec 1849James McMANUS22 Nov 1849Thomas McMANUSMary Ann SCOTT


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