A Non-Genealogical Bleg (an Epic Walk for Cancer Care)

This is an uncharacteristic post for this blog: a non-genealogical bleg.

Catty/Chatty (Catherine Frances) McGlade, early 1940s
Catty/Chatty (Catherine Frances) McGlade, Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario, early 1940s.

On June 1, I will be walking with my sisters, a couple of aunts, a boatload of cousins, and other family and friends, to support care and treatment for those living with cancer in the Ottawa area. It promises to be an Epic Walk.

Our team is called Chatty’s Class, in honour of my mother “Chatty” (Catherine Frances) McGlade, who died of metastatic breast cancer on 22 December 2012.

Two of my sisters (HERE and HERE), along with an aunt and several cousins and cousins-in-law, are raising money to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and the Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation. 100% of funds raised will be used locally, to support care and hope for cancer patients and cancer survivors in the Ottawa region. If you can help out with a donation (in any amount: every little bit counts!), your generosity will be much appreciated. Thanks a million for your support.

Donations gratefully accepted HERE.

UPDATE: My cousin, Susan (Hendrick) Jones, team leader for Chatty’s Class, in an interview on CTV.

UPDATE (27 May 2013): I now have my own donation page. Again, any amount, large or small (it all adds up, and every little bit counts!), is much appreciated. Thanks a million.