Ancestry removes ‘Old Search’

I’ve used Ancestry for years, and have never had any major complaints about the service. Oh, the odd gripe here or there, sure, but nothing major, nothing serious. Mostly, I’ve been a satisfied customer. A highly satisfied customer, even.

But I’ve always relied on ‘Old Search’ to search the Ancestry databases. Because any time I’ve tried ‘New Search,’ I’ve found it clunky, overly broad (way too many false positives), and just basically dumbed-down (hey! here’s another 25 to 50 to 100 search results that have nothing to do with the parameters you’re trying to delimit, you hapless researcher; but more means better! so here they are!…well, you did say “John,” right? and look at this lengthy list with first name “John”! … so many possibilities, and more is better!: you’re sure to find something in there somewhere! …).

I hate Ancestry’s ‘New Search.’ I’m sorry, I hate to sound so negative, but I just hate it. And I am not a happy camper, not a satisfied customer, when it comes to Ancestry’s decision to turn off ‘Old Search.’ And judging by the comments to this entry (A Fond Farewell to ‘Old Search’), I strongly suspect that I am not alone.

Eh, not every change is an improvement.

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2 thoughts on “Ancestry removes ‘Old Search’

  1. You’re absolutely not alone. It’s flabbergasting that Ancestry can’t (or won’t) implement basic sorting/filtering routines familiar to any reasonably experienced database user — especially when their fees should provide the means!


    1. Right. They say the technology powering “Old Search” is “fragile,” and much of it “no longer supported.” Well, why don’t they make it more robust, and continue to support it? Or else come up with a new “New Search,” with some half-decent filtering? Argh.

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