17 Years of Cheers, and No Green Beers

Paddy's Day brew pub sign
Paddy’s Day brew pub sign

Meant to post this on the 6 September (my Dad’s birthday), but got busy and distracted….

My dad spent the last few months of his life at an assisted living facility above a brew pub.

Yes, only Johnny Moran would agree to not go gentle into that good night above a damn brew pub. It was a pretty good pub, though: tasty chips, and the beer not half bad.

My father died on 14 March 2013.

On 17 March 2013, on a day when we were waking our Dad, a cousin and a sister of mine “borrowed” (some might say “stole,” but why quibble?) this sign, which I now have in my possession.

Here’s to you, Da; and, as always, no green beers.


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One thought on “17 Years of Cheers, and No Green Beers

  1. We always laughed about the green beer, saying it was a nasty joke the irish would play on the English who would wake up in the morning with green teeth…. An Irishman would never drink green beer, then again… How would you make Guinness green anyway!

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