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Muintevara Marriages, 1821-1822

From the parish registers for the RC parish of Muintervarra [variant names: Kilcrohane, Muintervara, Durrus), Diocese of Cork & Ross, County of Cork, civil parish of Kilcrohane, Co. Cork, at the NLI’s Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI. For all of the marriage records transcribed below, the officiating priest was the Rev. Richard Quinn, parish priest at Muintervara from 1818 to 1849.

NOTE: When Daniel Holohan married Hanora Holahan on 17 January 1821, their marriage required a dispensation from the impediment of “in tertio & tertio consanguinitatis” (of the third to the third degree of consanguinity = second cousins). Since dispensations from the impediments of consanguinity must always be of interest to family history researchers, I have here flagged this requirement for a marital dispensation with the notation of “3rd to 3rd consanguinity.” Please consult the parish register at the NLI if this couple is of interest to you. (And also see my posts on Catholic Marriage Dispensations, and on ‘in quarto & quarto consanguinitas’: more on consanguinity).

See also: Muintervara Marriages, 1819-1820.

Muintervarra Marriages, 1821-1822

DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2
17 Jan 1821Jeremiah CoghlanEllen CrowlyRichard TobinTimothy Coghlan
17 Jan 1821John SullivanEllen GormanJames GormanTimothy Gorman
17 Jan 1821Denis CarthyJoanna HarringtonDaniel CarthyJeremiah Harrington
17 Jan 1821Timothy DonovanJoanna CallaghanDaniel DonovanPatrick Donovan
17 Jan 1821James MahonyMary CroninNicholas BrienCornelius Cronin
17 Jan 1821Cornelius MonahaneMary LinnehanCornelius LynchJohn Monahane
17 Jan 1821John ReganMary DalyJohn DalyTimothy Carthy
17 Jan 1821James MurphyMary CarthyDaniel LucyJeremiah Sullivan
17 Jan 1821Jeremiah HurlyCatherine SheaDaniel HurlyJeremiah Shea
17 Jan 1821Daniel BohaneMary HolohanJeremiah BohaneDaniel Daly
17 Jan 1821Charles DenisMary MahonyJeremiah SullivanTimothy Sullivan
17 Jan 1821Timothy HarringtonMary ReganJohn HarringtonCharles Regan
17 Jan 1821Daniel MartinJudith FoleyThomas FoleyMaurice Foley
17 Jan 1821Timothy HarringtonHonora CarthyJeremiah HarringtonDenis Harrington
17 Jan 1821Philip SullivanCatherine ReganJeremiah CoghlanDaniel Sullivan
17 Jan 1821Daniel Holahan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Hanora Holahan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Daniel HolahanDaniel Sullivan
17 Jan 1821James ConnollyJoanna Harrington[illegible] HarringtonDaniel Connolly
24 Feb 1821John DealerMary DalyJohn DealerCornelius Daly
24 Feb 1821Timothy CarthyMary ReycroftRichard ReycroftDaniel McCarthy
24 Feb 1821Daniel SullivanEllen SullivanJames SullivanTimothy Sullivan
24 Feb 1821Michael LyhaneMary CoghlanTimothy LyhaneJeremiah Coghlan
24 Feb 1821Jeremiah HarringtonElizabeth KissaneCornelius ReganDaniel Mahony
24 Feb 1821Daniel DonovanCatherine BurkJeremiah DonovanTimothy Burk
24 Feb 1821John SullivanMary DowneyJames MahonyDaniel Sullivan
25 Feb 1821Denis DalyJoanna GogginDaniel DonovanTimothy Donovan
25 Feb 1821Thomas NicholasMary DriscollMichael NicholasTimothy Daly
25 Feb 1821Jeremiah MurphyCatherine CrowlyJames BrinanEdmond Crowly
26 Feb 1821Denis BurkEllen NeilTimothy MahonyDaniel Monahane
26 Feb 1821Joseph DenisJudith BuckleyCharles DenisJames Quin
26 Feb 1821John HurlyMargaret ClearyMichael HurlyCornelius Cleary
26 Feb 1821Daniel CroneenJudith MahonyCornelius CroneenTimothy Mahony
26 Feb 1821Jeremiah DonovanHonora CarthyCornelius DonovanPatrick Carthy
26 Feb 1821Timothy SullivanMargaret TobinRichard TobinJames Tobin
26 Feb 1821Michael HarringtonJoanna DonovanRandall DonovanPatrick Donovan
26 Feb 1821Timothy ReardonCatherine MurphyJohn MurphyJohn Reardon
15 Jan 1822Patrick SullivanBridget SullivanRoger SullivanRichard Tobin
15 Jan 1822Richard CotterJudith HurlyGarrett CotterJohn Hurly
15 Jan 1822Timothy CroneenEllen SullivanEugene CarthyJames Quin
15 Jan 1822William CroneenHonora BohaneJohn HurlyJeremiah Sullivan
17 Jan 1822Timothy MahonyMargaret DalyEdmund HennessyJohn Sheehan
17 Jan 1822Timothy BohaneHonora DonovanDaniel BohaneThomas Donovan
17 Jan 1822Thomas DriscollCatherine ConnellTimothy ConnellJames Crosse
17 Jan 1822Timothy LearyMary SullivanPatrick LeahyDenis Sullivan
20 Jan 1822Timothy SplaneEllen NicholasJohn SplaneThomas Nicholas
20 Jan 1822George LearyHonora MurnaneJohn LearyDaniel Murnane
20 Jan 1822Michael DonovanMargaret SheaMichael HurlyTimothy Hurly
20 Jan 1822Michael BrienEllen SullivanPatrick SullivanJeremiah Carthy
22 Jan 1822Patrick KingMargaret CarthyRoger SullivanJeremiah Donovan
22 Jan 1822Cornelius SullivanCatherine SweneyDenis SweneyTimothy Sullivan
22 Jan 1822James CarthyEllen DalyRichard TobinEdmund Tobin
27 Jan 1822Jeremiah DalyJudith CarthyPatrick DonoghueThomas Donovan
27 Jan 1822Thomas KernaneMargaret SullivanJames SullivanJeremiah Kernane
29 Jan 1822John SullivanJoanna SullivanTimothy SullivanJohn Sullivan
29 Jan 1822Daniel HarringtonHonora HurlyDaniel HurlyCornelius Harrington
3 Feb 1822Denis CarthyCatherine CarthyFlorence CarthyCharles Carthy
3 Feb 1822John CroneenJoanna CarthyJeremiah CroneenTimothy Carthy
3 Feb 1822Cornelius CroninCatherine CroneenDaniel CroninJohn Croneen
5 Feb 1822Thomas BurkeCatherine SullivanJohn SullivanPatrick Burke
5 Feb 1822Daniel DriscollEllen KissaneJeremiah HarringtonJeremiah Driscoll
5 Feb 1822John GogganEllen CarthyOwen SullivanOwen Carthy
7 Feb 1822Richard MonihaneHonora NeilDenis CarthyTimothy Connell
7 Feb 1822Daniel CarthyJoanna MurnaneDenis MurnaneDenis Carthy
10 Feb 1822Richard TobinMary RyansTimothy DillonThomas Connell
17 Feb 1822Jeremiah MurphyEllen SullivanDaniel SullivanJeremiah Sullivan
17 Feb 1822Daniel SullivanMary MurphyTimothy HurlyDenis Hurly
17 Feb 1822Daniel HarringtonHonora SwineyJeremiah DonovanWilliam Donovan
17 Feb 1822Jeremiah CombaEllen DemsyEumphery CombaTimothy Demsy
19 Feb 1822Eugene DalyMary TobinWilliam TobinPatrick Daly
19 Feb 1822Denis BohaneFanny HarringtonDaniel BohaneDenis Daly
19 Feb 1822Daniel SullivanMary CroninJohn CroneenJames Sullivan
19 Feb 1822Daniel SullivanNancy LynchJeremiah LynchAndrew Nivil
19 Feb 1822Joseph DenisMary MahonyWilliam DenisDaniel Mahony
DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2

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