Canadian Records, Census

1848 Census: North Crosby, Leeds, Ontario, Canada

Extracted from the 1848 Census, Canada West (Ontario), Johnstown District, Leeds County, North Crosby Township. 1

This census lists only the head of family/household by name.

But: if you’re researching your North Crosby ancestors, there is an awful lot of information to be gleaned from this census return, if you’re willing to deal with the seemingly endless rows and columns.

How many members of the household of the named head of family belonged to the Church of England (Anglican), the Church of Rome (Roman Catholic), the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian), the Free Presbyterian Church of Canada, etc? How many were natives of England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada French, Canada British, Germany and Holland, the United States? How many neat cattle, horses, sheep, hogs did your ancestor own? How many pounds of maple sugar had he and his household produced in the past year? How many pounds of wool? How many pounds of butter? How many acres of land had your ancestor put under tillage by 1848 (you may be shocked and surprised by the low number: it took years and years of back-breaking work to clear the land for agricultural purposes).

It’s all there in the 1848 census, if you’re willing to go through those seemingly endless rows and columns. A digitized copy of this census is available, online and free of charge, at FamilySearch. For the township of North Crosby, Leeds Co., go to images 497-538.

Note: There are many South Armagh surnames here. See more Forkill records.

LotConHead of FamilyOccupation
211Francis O'HareFarmer
202Joseph MurphyYeoman
192Patrick MurphyLabourer
182Richard HearleyYeoman
191Laurence LeeYeoman
181Matthew McCoyYeoman
171Peter QuinnYeoman
182Stephen BennettFarmer
192Michael McGinnisYeoman
182Bernard GrantYeoman
193John ByrneYeoman
144John ShevallieFarmer
145William CowanFarmer
155Richd. ClarkeYeoman
166Bernard ClukyLabourer
111Michael McCannYeoman
101Owen McGoughYeoman
101James McLaidLabourer
162Thomas HaganFarmer
131Thomas ManganFarmer
151Michael MulvahillFarmer
151Daniel MulvahillFarmer
153Michael McAntireLabourer
155Peter WoodsYeoman
216Michael HaganFarmer
247James TrenorFarmer
207Henry AgnewYeoman
167Samuel GreenYeoman
86Edward BulfinFarmer
162Michael HallYeoman
161Edmund HallYeoman
12Barry PierceFarmer
12William StedmanFarmer
13Maurice TehanFarmer
14A. AdamsW.M. Minister
14Thomas RouseauLabourer
13Alexr McDonaldFarmer
14E. HurdMerchant
14William BellTaylor
14William WelwoodInn Keeper
14Thomas McGuireTin Smith
14Charles BroseaurCooper
14George BellLabourer
14Richd MalowneyStone Mason
79George WaffleFarmer
246Andrew McCannFarmer
223Terence McCannFarmer
57William HameltonFarmer
107Seth I. CornellShoe Maker
138William BarkerFarmer
169William JohnsonLabourer
610Martin WatterLabourer
192Michael WalshYeoman
98John CunniffStone Mason
77George T. WalterFarmer
169George BrewsterFarmer
109John GarvinFarmer
97Richd. GrothierFarmer
1410Andrew StephensonYeoman
55Peter RyanFarmer
187Thomas McCannYeoman
87John YatesFarmer
116Harvey BoyceClothier
184J.B. LashayMiller
96Alexander McCollisterBoot & Shoe Maker
139James EwingsFarmer
137James M. Rorison junrYeoman
127Andrew LingoLabourer
127Peter KellyWaggon Maker
117Nicholas BrazeePhysician
108Robert KainFarmer
149Lucas TryonWheelwright
107D D CornellFarmer
11Benjamin BarkerFarmer
11Thomas MaddenLabourer
11Rufus BrownFarmer
21William MoranFarmer
41Thomas GrenmanFarmer
61Archibald SandsLock Master
61Charles McManusLabourer
43Michael StedmanFarmer
33Peter ChamberlinFarmer
23Daniel McGonnigleFarmer
23John SouthLabourer
85Martin RocheFarmer
74Ralph BarkerFarmer
64Anne BarkerWidow
54Timothy CondonYeoman
54Timothy HalidayYeoman
44Phroman BleakmanYeoman
7 & 85James McCarthyYeoman/Minor/
46Henry BirdsellFarmer
76William KavanaghFarmer
56Margaret DuncanWidow
56John BrewsterFarmer
25William KearneyFarmer
26Harvey KnappFarmer
25Henry McAnallyFarmer
14John HubbardBlacksmith
14Richard LeechBoot & Shoe Maker
14Benjamin Lett EsqMerchant
14George PerksPhysician
15William BeltonFarmer
15Magdalen BeltonWidow
14William H. TettInn Keeper
14Matthew ConnorsSchool teacher
26Francis McHaleLabourer
15Charles BarrLabourer
27Mary GreenWidow
38Michael ScottYeoman
37William SmithFarmer
47John HameltonYeoman
57Arthur ClendinenYeoman
510Sarah Willie/Widow/Weaver
69W R TaylorYeoman
116Thomas T. BowesDept. [T?] Surveyor
116Joseph C. LingoBlack Smith
107Robert CairnsYeoman
76Daniel ForresterLabourer
116Aaron ChambersLumber Merchant
116R.D. RorisonGentleman
127Eleazer HastingsYeoman
96G.E. ThurlowYeoman
810James PorterYeoman
98Silvanus WanfellYeoman
116Fredenburgh & JuddMerchants
154James GarvinYeoman
117John DeaconYeoman
116H.M. GravesMoulder
116Annes La FontaineLabourer
126Stephen McCathronTanner Currier & Shoemaker
116Hugh ThurlowLabourer
116F.A. CameronMerchant
116E.W. BoyceMerchant
116James ChristillowLabourer
116J.T. ChambersInn Keeper
116Gardner WingMerchant
169A.O. WingLumber Merchant
116Thomas WoolHewer
116Arnwell La TeaLabourer
245Patrick Donally(Yeoman) Wheelwright
87John O ConnorFarmer
1210Peter EwingsStone Mason
214John MurphyYeoman
127Basil D. RorisonFarmer
55Michael StantonYeoman
145Leon BalisleYeoman
176Bernard McArdleYeoman
98James McPatinceFarmer
158Seely ThompsonFarmer
126Batiste BalisleYeoman
99Margarett PinkertonWidow
69John WhitmarshYeoman
66Patrick RileyFarmer
1311Patrick ConwayFarmer
129Alba TaggartFarmer
64John FoxtonFarmer
78Isaac PufferFarmer
36Abraham BellFarmer
227John CareyYeoman
143John ConnellYeoman
277Patrick O NeillYeoman
234Thomas MartinYeoman
223Thomas DevittFarmer
203Patrick MuckianYeoman
212Patrick LaffortyCooper
212Michael CairnsFarmer
211John SmithBoot & Shoe Maker
58Billa NicholasYeoman
166Michael McArdleLabourer
126George MiracleLabourer
181Patrick MorganYeoman
66James CrowleyYeoman
116Lewis DorwayCooper
45James BiltonYeoman
32Thomas CanningFarmer
116Archd McNeilLabourer
116John SlyLabourer
126John DorwayShoe Maker
126George W. BakerLabourer
126Joseph McLaneTaylor
116John DayLabourer
116Michl KavanaghCarpenter
116Hanley StephensLabourer
54Joseph OngleyLabourer
47Allen MooreFarmer
99Robert BlairYeoman
215Stephen FerriganYeoman
128John RobbinsFarmer
138Isaac LakinsLabourer
179Joshua PerkinsLabourer
89James GipsonFarmer
610William WeatFarmer
76Gabriel ForresterLumber Merchant
126Henry BogardinsStone Mason
159James HameltonFarmer
137George KerrCooper
167William GreenYeoman
168Arthur McCannYeoman
186Patrick TrenorFarmer
185Peter McCannFarmer
186Edward McCannFarmer
217Thomas TrenorYeoman
186Michael McCannYeoman
177Patrick CairnsYeoman
128Norris L. PalmerFarmer
129Julia Anne TaggartWidow
139Benjamin PalmerFarmer
139William J ThompsonFarmer
139William EwingFarmer
129Samuel F. RipleyBlack Smith
129Sarah BennetWidow
139Henry ThompsonWeaver
149Hugh StephensonYeoman
1510Richard MyersYeoman
910Patrick McDonaldFarmer
1010David LedlawFarmer
109Martin CarrollLabourer
97Agmond RoeFarmer
87Maurice GradyLabourer
87Peary DealStone Cutter
77Abraham VanderhuffFarmer
76Thomas EganFarmer
65Terence MurrayLabourer
37Joseph WhiteFarmer
47James ParkerLabourer
119Charles KenedyFarmer
117William DeaconFarmer
118William RaffortyFarmer
108Michael MaurisonFarmer
99James MaurisonFarmer
69Thomas WhitmarshFarmer
159Matthew M. GirrFarmer
179Henry LevisFarmer
214Patrick LennanFarmer
107Lewis ChaseFarmer
86Michael BarryLabourer
149Stephen SicklerFarmer
138Catherine La ShawWidow
116Edward KavanaghLabourer
127Angus BalisleLabourer
116John McGregorYeoman
116Walter WhelanYeoman
99James CulliganLabourer
98John McCabeLabourer
172John BennetYeoman
171Bernard SmithYeoman
LotConHead of FamilyOccupation
  1. Census of parts of Ontario, GRENVILLE COUNTY: Township: Augusta, Edwardsburgh, South Gower, Oxford on the Rideau, Wolford, town of Prescott LEEDS COUNTY: Township: North Crosby, South Crosby, Elizabethtown