An Irish Coachman Fatally Shot

by his employer. On 26 June 1879, in Montclair, New Jersey. I'll be presenting a lecture on the case this Sunday, 13 March 2016: The Banker, the Busybody, and the Irish Coachman: A Montclair Murder Case. Admission free of charge, but donation strongly recommended.      

‘Wilful Murder’ and Black Sheep Ancestors: Introduction

Yet another tale of murder and mayhem in March township. And, like the case of The Queen vs. Kelly, yet another story of a drunken altercation between two brothers-in-law, ending in a shocking fatality. And, again like the case of John Kelly's killing of Michael Hourigan, yet another instance of either murder or manslaughter involving … Continue reading ‘Wilful Murder’ and Black Sheep Ancestors: Introduction