The Barley Grain For Me (O.J. Abbott and Pete Seeger)

O.J. [Oliver John] Abbott, Home Child, singing "The Barley Grain For Me" with Pete Seeger, at the Newport Folk Festival, 1959-60: How/why did this English orphan from Paddington, London know so many of the old Irish tunes? Because when he was sent to Canada, as an 8- or 9-year old boy, he was placed with … Continue reading The Barley Grain For Me (O.J. Abbott and Pete Seeger)

How many Home Children?

How many Home Children have I come across in the 1891 and 1901 Canadian census returns, while searching for my ancestors and their collateral relations? 10? 15? 20? I've lost count. Many more than I had expected to find when I first began to pursue family history research.

William Dickison (Dickinson?): Home Child

Found in the household of the widowed Michael Vallely in the 1891 census of Lanark (Ontario, Lanark North, p. 34, family no. 144): Dickison, Wm [William], male, age 16, Orphan, Country of Birth Eng [England] William Dickison's religion is listed here as R.C. (Roman Catholic) -- a potentially significant clue as to his parentage and … Continue reading William Dickison (Dickinson?): Home Child