Re: “Register for a User Account”

I currently have a password-protect on the family tree/genealogical database section of this site. This user/password thing is temporary. Basically, I’ve recently transferred my family tree database from a private, password-protected site (where I didn’t worry too much about displaying information about living persons) to this new and soon-to-be publicly accessible site which will not have a password. Except that I want to make sure I’ve removed/hidden all information about living persons before removing the password. I hope to finish this by the end of the week, at which point I will remove all user/password stuff.

Also: a couple of people have tried to Register for a User Account, as per the suggestion at the bottom of the page at the database section. I’m also going to remove this misleading suggestion, because I don’t plan to have user accounts. Sorry for the confusion! and again, I hope to have this sorted out by the end of the week.
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