Border Crossings (Morans and Sullivans)

Two of the daughters of Alexander (“Sandy”) Michael Moran and Mary Ann Leavy married men by the name of Sullivan, which two men appear to be completely unrelated to one another. One Sullivan was born in Canada and died in the US; the other Sullivan was born in the US and died in Canada.

Ellen Elizabeth Moran and Michael James Sullivan

Ellen (“Nellie”) Elizabeth Moran was born 19 May 1866 at Huntley township, and baptized 5 August 1866 (St. Michael’s, Corkery), with James Hourigan and Ann Hourigan serving as godparents. On 25 January 1888, at St. Michael’s, Corkery (witnesses Thomas Hourigan and Julia Moran), Nellie Moran married Michael Joseph Sullivan (born 6 October 1859, at Ferguson’s Falls, Lanark Co., Ontario, son of Timothy Sullivan and Hanora Enright).

Shortly after marrying in Huntley township, Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada the couple moved to East Grand Forks, Minnesota, where they had at least the following four children: Ernest Michael Sullivan; Mary Lillian Sullivan; Willard B. Sullivan; and Gladys Marion Sullivan. Both Ellen Elizabeth Moran (died 1947) and Michael James Sullivan (died 1951) are buried at Calvary Cemetery, Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Anna (“Annie”) Moran and James Edward Sullivan

Anna was born at Huntley township about January 1871 (I have not yet found either a birth record or a baptismal record, but in the 1901 Canadian census, she gave her birth date as 31 January 1871). At some point between 1891 and 1894 she moved to East Grand Forks, Minnesota, where she married (26 June 1894) James Edward Sullivan (born about 1866 in Potsdam, New York, son of Jeremiah Sullivan and Ellen [maiden name unknown]).
The couple had two children in East Grand Forks: Henry J. Sullivan (b. 1895) and Charles Alexander Sullivan (born 1896); before moving (or returning, in the case of Anna) to Canada in the late 1890s, where they had three more children (born Ottawa): Edward James; Thomas Leonard; and Evelyn Mary. Both James Edward Sullivan (died 1931) and Anna Moran (died 1939) are buried at Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa.
So: the Moran-Sullivan couple who married in Canada are buried in Grand Forks, North Dakota, while the Moran-Sullivan couple who married in East Grand Forks, Minnesota are buried in Ottawa.

Other Moran Siblings in East Grand Forks, Minnesota and Grand Forks, North Dakota

Of the twelve children born to Alexander Michael Moran and Mary Ann Leavy, six emigrated to the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks area (with one of them, Anna, returning to Canada, and two others, Mary Ernestine and Julia, eventually moving further west to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington). In addition to Ellen Elizabeth and Anna, the other four are:

  • John Moran, who married 1. Elizabeth Malcolmson; and 2. Margaret Mary Tierney. John died (1921) in a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota (of complications from surgery), and is buried at St. John the Baptist RC Cemetery, Ardoch, Walsh County, North Dakota.
  • Mary Ernestine (“Tina”) Moran, who married 1. Joseph Lavallee; and 2. Samuel Boldman. Tina Moran died (1943) in Seattle, Washington, and is buried at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Seattle.
  • Lillian (“Lila”) Moran, who married John Vallely. Lila Moran died (1915) in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Grand Forks, ND.
  • Julia Moran, who married 1. Michael Enright; and 2. George Morris. Julia died (1941) in Portland, Oregon (burial place unknown).