Certificate of Irish Heritage

Long awaited, much derided, … and finally here. The site has gone live, and you can get your “plastic Paddy cert” through the newly launched Certificate of Irish Heritage website. “Plastic Paddy cert” (so apt, just great) is not my phrase, by the way, but that of Chris Paton at Scottish GENES.

But see, I’m torn. I can see the awful cheesiness; the blatant commercialism; the sentimental (though profit-maximizing) trafficking in Oyrishness (which I briefly blogged about here). And of course I’d much rather have online access to the RC records of Co. Cork, say, than a piece of paper certifying my Irish ancestry (which, you know, I already know about: hence this blog…), even if that piece of paper comes adorned with a gilt-edged title in a Celtic font, and can be nicely offset by a handsome mahogany frame. That said, I totally want to get one of these certs for each of my parents. 
Apparently a “Gift Card facility is planned,” but is not yet available.
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