Irish Origins in Canadian Roman Catholic Marriage Records: St. John the Evangelist, Gananoque, Leeds Co., Ontario, Part I

From the register of St. John the Evangelist, Gananoque, Leeds Co., Ontario,1 a list of Irish-emigrant marriages from 4 January 1850 to 6 February 1855.

I have only included marriages where the record supplies information about Irish origins (where at least an Irish county is named, in other words). To put it another way, I have excluded marriages between parties with Irish names, where the record does not name at least a county in Ireland.

As always, I have attempted to transcribe what I read, and have resisted the (sometimes all-but-overwhelming) temptation to “correct” the priest’s spelling. The surname “Rennolds” would be standardized as “Reynolds,” for example; and the parish of “Bax” in Co. Mayo would generally be spelled “Backs.” But I have recorded my interpretation of the spelling that is actually found in the register. The priests who recorded this information were the Rev. John Foley (to January 1851) and the Rev. James R. Rossiter (from 1851).

Part II to follow.

DateGroomSon of [Parents], of [Place]BrideDaughter of [Parents], of [Place]Witnesses
DateGroomSon of [Parents], of [Place]BrideDaughter of [Parents], of [Place]Witnesses
4 Jan 1850Garret RennoldsOwen Rennolds and Margaret Curley of the Parish of Mohill Co. LeitrimEliza, widow of John ManleyWilliam Donahue and Catherine Ryan of Leeds
5 Aug 1850John DaleyMichael Daley and Ann Hadden of the County TipperaryMary BoyleJohn Boyle and Mary Dusin of Leeds County CanadaMich McMullen and Margaret Kennedy of Gananoque
2 Sep 1850John ButterfieldSimon Butterfield and Margaret McClare of Cashel, Co. TipperaryAnn JesmahFrancis JesmahJohn Dundon and Catherine Dundon of Gananoque
14 Jan 1851John HuntWilliam Hunt and Catherine Donohue of Cappawhite, Co. TipperaryCatherine BurkeLaurence Burke and Johanna Barry of Cappawhite, Co. TipperaryJohn Dundon and Catherine Dundon
9 Nov 1851Patrick CosgriveThos. Cosgrive and Margaret Degnigne of Galvery, Co. LimerickMargaret HydePatrick Hyde and Catherine Spelane of [Leeds?]Michael Dunnevan and Bridget Clark
9 Nov 1851Patrick O'CallehanPatrick O'Callihan and Margaret Callihan of the parish of Ballymons Co. CorkEleanor BarretHenry Barret and Sally Burk of Bax Co. MayoMichael Docheral and Maria Forester
19 Jan 1852Edward O'Briendeceased Patk O'Brien and Rose Gallaher of the Co. TyroneAnn DunnMoses Dunn and Mary Donaghue of the Co. WexfordJames Dunn and Nancy Murphy
22 Feb 1852Edward O'BrienJohn O'Brien and Catherine Morrisen of the Co. TyroneMary Dunn (widow of decd. Thomas Dunn)Andrew Kinsela and Honor Summers of the Co. WexfordBernard O'Neil and Bridget Dunn
17 Oct 1852Matthew Ryan, widower of Honora MurrayRody Ryan and Eleanor Walsh of the parish of Holy Cross, Co. TipperaryMary Pew, widow of James DaleyGeorge Pew and Jane Walsh of the parish of Bax Co. Mayo Ireland Michael Tierney and Mary Lyons
8 Feb 1853John KennedyMichael Kennedy and Sarah Cunningham of the Co. Armagh, IrelandElizabeth DaughertyEdward Daugherty and Honorah Dillon of the Co. Limerick, IrelandMichael Kennedy and Mary Jane Sidley
9 May 1853Patrick NeelanPatrick Neelan and Honora Hanlon of the parish of Brough Co. Limerick, IrelandMary Jane DavisRichd Davis and Mary Hill Co. Cork IrelandPatrick Neelan and Mary Jane Sidley
9 May 1853Michael McGivernPatrick McGivern and Catherine Quinn Co. Armagh IrelandCatherine O'KeefeJohn O'Keefe and Johanna Ross of the parish of Shanagolden Co. Limerick, IrelandFrancis McGivern and Margaret Kennedy
13 May 1853Edward McGrathEdward McGrath and Bridget Ryan of the parish of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, IrelandMary Daugherty, widow of deceased William DaughertyThos. Helpon and Catherine Eagan of the parish of Kilcommon, Tipperary, IrelandJohn Hunt and Margaret Kennedy
27 Jun 1853Michel TetreauGuillaume Tetreau and Marie Scott of the parish of Acadie, Diocese of MontrealJohanna NoonanJohn Noonan and Jane Taylor Co. Clare, IrelandPeter Tetreau and Ann Donaghue
26 Jul 1853John HorohanMatthew Horohan and Bridget Nolan of the parish of Ballyragget Co. Kilkenny, IrelandMary Jane McMullenJames McMullen and Catherine McKenny Co. Tyrone IrelandMichael McMullen and Ann McMullen
20 Nov 1853Bernard ShielsJohn Shiels and Catherine McMahon from the County Armagh IrelandAnn BrophyAndrew Brophy and Catherine Brophy of the Co. KilkennyJames Bulger and Jane Shiels
20 Nov 1853James BulgerJames Bulger and Eleanor Kirwin of the Co. Kilkenny IrelandJane ShielsJohn Shiels and Catherine McMahon of the Co. Armagh, IrelandBernard Shiels and Ann Brophy
9 Jan 1854James QuinnMartin Quinn and Eleanor Terry of the Co. WaterfordNancy Melvina HavensDaniel Havens and Tremor Allen, both of Howe IslandMichael Rogen and Mary Ann Havens
9 Jan 1854John O'Mullen [of Howe Island]Robert O'Mullen and Elizabeth Keatley from the To of Mountain Co. of DundasMary Driscoll [of Howe Island]James Driscoll and Elizabeth Doran from the parish of New Town Co. Cork Ireland Joseph Preville and Allice Webster
12 Feb 1854Patrick KeysJohn Keys and Mary Corrigan from the King's Co. Ireland Catherine McKinty (late Cath McCarey widow)Hugh McKinty and Nancy Murphy Co. Antrim IrelandBernard McCarey and Mary McKinty
21 Feb 1854Michael WebbPatrick Webb and Ann Martin Co. Kildare IrelandMaria ForesterCharles Forester and Bridget Barret Co. Mayo IrelandThomas Cummings and Bridget Moyne
20 Aug 1854William HanlonJeremiah Hanlon and Ann Hanlon, from the Co. GalwayCatherine Dogheral (widow of decd John Dogheral)Michael O'Leary and Johannah Kennedy Thurles, Tipperary John Fitzgerald and Margaret Mullen
26 Nov 1854Eustache Bisson (widower of deceased Rose Guenette and Margarite Allaire)Toussaint Bisson and Marie Bordineau Mary SherryPeter Sherry and Mary Burns Co. Carlow IrelandJames McDonnell and Eleanor Rossiter
2 Dec 1854James Curtis (widower of Catherine Riordan from King's Co. Ireland)Patrick Curtis and Catherine Carroll from the Co. Tipperary, IrelandEleanor Murphy (widow of deceased Garret Reynolds and of John Manley)James Murphy and Nancy Cogger, from Co. Mayo, IrelandPatrick Cummings and Christianna Madden
2 Dec 1854Patrick Webb (widower of Ann Martin from the Queen's Co. Ireland)Michael Webb and Nancy Brophy from the Queen's Co. IrelandHonor Karney (widow of William Lynch from Castlebar)Dominic Karney and Catherine HemmleyAlexander Mullen and Margaret Mullen
4 Jan 1855Bernard McCarey (widower of ______ )Hugh McCarey and Margaret McBride from the Co. Antrim, IrelandBridget Rolan (widow of dec. Patrick Glenn)Michael Rolan and Bridget Taylor from Co. Mayo, Ireland -- now of this missionJohn Fitzgerald and Eleanor Curtis
8 Jan 1855Patrick RapeThomas Rape and Mary Hogan (from the Co. Mayo Ireland) of the parish of Smith's FallsRose LappinJames Lappin and Nancy Thompson from the Co. Armagh IrelandJohn Rape and Mary Jane McDonnell
6 Feb 1855John MaddenJames Madden and Eleanor Fitzgerald from the parish of [Askeaton?] Co. LimerickCatherine LyonsHugh Lyons and Margaret Kenny, from the parish of the parish of Aghrim Co. Galway, IrelandThomas McGrath and Louisa Millan
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