DNA Testing

So I got the results from my 23andMe ancestral DNA testing.

Turns out I’m a caveman:

23andMe test

Developing (and still evolving)…

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4 thoughts on “DNA Testing”

  1. Ed Murphy says:

    let me know when/if you upload to GEDCOM… i did the Ancestry DNA test, I know you have some Murphy’s in your tree.

    1. M.C. Moran says:

      Hi Ed,
      I did upload to GEDMATCH. Still trying to figure out how to interpret the results.

  2. debby curry says:

    Hi, I just mailed in my ancestry DNA. I am also hoping to upload to gedmatch once I get my results( our grandmothers were sisters) I am living on Vancouver Island now, I did visit Otter lake before I left, I talked with Mr Racine who bought the land where our grandmothers grew up. I would love to be able to talk with you as I have a few questions about our grandmother’s childhood debby

  3. M.C. Moran says:

    Hi Debby,
    Can you send me an email at mcmoran @ gmail dot com?

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