Carleton Co. (Ontario, Canada) contributors to an Irish Famine relief fund (1847)

On 26 June 1847, The Ottawa Daily Citizen published a list of "Names of persons who contributed to the relief of the suffering poor of Ireland." This list had been supplied to the newspaper by "the Rev. Mr. O'Connell, Catholic Pastor of Richmond." The Rev. Peter O'Connell (1801-1899), originally of Co. Cavan, Ireland, was parish … Continue reading Carleton Co. (Ontario, Canada) contributors to an Irish Famine relief fund (1847)

“Missing Friends” advertisements

Are you looking for someone who emigrated from Ireland to North America in the nineteenth century? Welcome to the club! The booming business of Irish genealogy indicates that we are not alone. And their early twenty-first-century descendants are not the first to have searched for some of these emigrants. In the nineteenth century, the friends … Continue reading “Missing Friends” advertisements

Death of Alexander Michael Moran

Newspaper obituaries often supply loads of genealogically useful information, along with interesting forename and surname spellings. Here, for example, is the obituary for my paternal great-grandfather Alexander Michael Moran (1871-1939). A fairly standard obituary, which informs readers of the death of A.M. Moran, and supplies practical information about the arrangements for his funeral and burial. … Continue reading Death of Alexander Michael Moran