‘in quarto & quarto consanguinitas’: more on consanguinity

I hadn’t visited Irish Genealogy.ie in quite a while, and hadn’t realized until today that they had recently (recently? or perhaps over a year ago?) added more records from the RC parishes of the Diocese of Cork and Ross. I little expected to find any records from Muintervara (the Sheep’s Head Peninsula), a place so remote (and so beautiful) that to travel its narrow paths and roadways feels like driving through a set piece commissioned by the Irish Tourist Board (though the people who live there are very much real). Well, when it comes to the Irish records, my expectations are low. But Irish Genealogy.ie has exceeded my expectations.

Here is the marriage record for my 3x great-grandparents Jeremiah McCarthy and Honora Donovan, who married on 5 February 1823. This record is available online and free of charge (a radical innovation! and a welcome departure from the ‘soak the American tourists’ model that seems to govern access to too many Irish records), and there’s even a link to a scan (in .PDF format) of the actual record. Be still my heart.

McCarthy-Donovan marriage record
Marriage of Jeremiah McCarthy and Honora Donovan, 5 February 1823. Durris (Muintervara), Cork & Ross, Irish Genealogy.ie.

Witnesses to the marriage were Patrick Donovan and Richard Tobin; and the priest (Rich’d [Richard] or Mich’l [Michael] Quin?) notes that a dispensation ‘in quarto & [et] quarto consanguinitas’ (of the fourth to the fourth degree of consanguinity) had been obtained.

both bride and groom were removed by four degrees from a common ancestor

Basically, this indicates that both bride and groom were removed by four degrees from a common ancestor (directly descended from the same 2x great-grandparent, in other words), which would make them third cousins.

Jeremiah McCarthy and Honora Donovan had a son Eugene McCarthy (my 2x great-grandfather) who emigrated to North America in the early 1850s. He went first to America for a couple of years, before moving up to Canada to marry his step-cousin Catherine Traynor/Trainor, daughter of James Traynor/Trainor and Mary Murphy. Mary Murphy’s first husband was a Laurence Donovan who was probably the brother of Eugene’s mother Honora Donovan. But Catherine Traynor/Trainor is not my direct ancestor. She died in 1871, at the age of 38; and Eugene, now a widower with five young children, then married Honora (“Annie”) McDonald (or possibly McDonnell?), a widow from Co. Clare with three young daughters of her own, whose first husband, a David Mahoney, was also from Co. Clare. My great-grandmother Catherine Honora McCarthy (married Arthur Joseph McGlade) was the second daughter of the second marriages of Eugene McCarthy and Honora/Annie McDonald/McDonnell.

Earlier discussion of consanguinity and marital dispensations found here.

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