Catholic Records

Disparité de culte/disparity of worship/disparitus cultus

When Rose Ann Muriel St. Jean married Max Glatt at a Catholic church in Ottawa,1  the couple had to obtain “une dispense de disparité de culte” (a dispensation for [the impediment of] disparity of worship):

Marriage record of Max Glatt and Rose Ann Muriel St. Jean, 11 February 1939

The reason for this dispensation is given in the marriage record above: Max Glatt, son of Myer Glatt and Esther Pack, was “de la religion juive” (of the Jewish religion).

Note that the impediment of disparity of worship (in Latin, disparitus cultus; in French, disparité de culte) is different from that of mixed religion (in Latin, mixtae religionis; in French, religion mixte). In terms of Catholic canon law, it was/is considered a much more serious marital impediment.

Mixed religion: the marriage of a Catholic to a non-Catholic Christian who has been baptized in another (Christian but not Catholic) denomination

Disparity of worship: the marriage of a Catholic to a non-Catholic who has not been baptized as a Christian

You probably will not find too many examples of disparitus cultus (disparity of worship/disparité de culte) in the nineteenth-century RC parish registers of the Ottawa Valley. Quite apart from the rigours of the canon law as promulgated by the Vatican, the social world of the mid- to late-nineteenth-century Ontario or Québec town or township was profoundly inhospitable to the prospect of a Catholic [or anyone from any Christian denomination whatsoever]-Jewish marriage. It was only well into the 20th century (and post-World War I, certainly, I would say) that Catholics began to request the relevant dispensation, and that the Catholic Church began to loosen up on its marital restrictions.

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