Walter Morin/Moran and Ada Costello

A reader (and distant cousin) has sent me two photographs, one of Walter Morin/Moran and the other of Walter’s wife Ada Costello.

Walter Lee Morin (1885-1966) was the son of John Moran and his first wife Elizabeth Malcomson. Ada Mary Costello (1888-1977) was the daughter of James Costello and of a Mary whose maiden name may have been Gallagher. The couple were married on 7 January 1908 in Grand Forks, North Dakota; and lived for many years in Forest River, Walsh County, North Dakota, where they raised a son, James Lyle Morin/Moran (1913-1971). All three — Walter, wife Ada, and son James Lyle — died in San Bernardino, California.

Walter Lee Morin/Moran (1885-1966)
Ada Mary Costello (1888-1977)