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St. Michael’s, Corkery Lookups

I will do free lookups from the parish register for St. Michael’s, Corkery (1837-1968). This register was microfilmed by the Drouin Institute in 1968, and a digitized version is supposedly included in’s “Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967” database. But for some reason or reasons unknown to me, has only the first couple of pages of the register for “Cockery” (i.e., Corkery).

Please note: the early records for St. Michael’s, Corkery are more than a little bit spotty (and sometimes a little bit messy too!). There are significant gaps in coverage, and very few burial records until about the final third of the nineteenth century. (For Huntley township RCs, some early baptismal and marriage records can be found in the parish registers for other, neighbouring missions and parishes [e.g., St. Phillips, Richmond, and Notre Dame, Bytown/Ottawa]).

The early register for St. Michael’s, Corkery covers both the mission of Huntley (Huntley township, Carleton Co.) and the mission of Ramsay (Ramsay township, Lanark Co., but the mission seems to have extended beyond the borders of this township: I’ve found records for residents of Pakenham township, for example, in the register of St. Michael’s). The register begins as “Baptismal Register. Commencing Huntley, November 1837,” with the baptismal record for Honora, daughter of John Dwyer and Honora Maxwell (26 November 1837). Then follows about fourteen years of Huntley township records (to March 1851). This initial run of Huntley records is followed by about 23 years of Ramsay records (from March 1845 to June 1868). Then back to Huntley with “Register for the Mission of Huntley Commencing with the Year 1864,” which begins a more or less continuous run of records, up to (as microfilmed by the Drouin Institute in July 1968) April 1968.

If you want me to do a St. Michael’s, Corkery lookup, please be as specific as possible in your request: include name, approximate dates, names of parents (if known), name of spouse (if known), names of spouse’s parents (if known), and so on. In other words, include as much information as you already know (or strongly suspect). Limit two names per request. Email request to mcmoran [at] ottawavalleyirish [dot] com.