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Tithe Applotment, Clarkill, Forkill, Armagh

List of landholders in the townland of Clarkill, parish of Forkill, County Armagh, ca. 1828 [1823-1837].

No. of LandholderName of Landholder
1Bennett Thomas
2Doyle Henry
3Lee John
4Lee Lawrence
5Crawley Michael
6Crawley Thomas
7Crawley Thomas
8Feagan Widow
9Henry Widow
10Hammil Patt and Partners
11McGlade Francis Senr.
12McGlade Francis Junr.
13McGlade Patt Junr.
14McGlade Michael Junr.
15McGlade Michael Senr.
16McGlade Edward
17McGlade Daniel
18McGlade Miles
19McGlade Patt
20McGlade Miles
21Murphy Michael
22Murphy Patt
23Morgan Francis
24Morgan Sarah
25McGlade Patt Senr.
26McGlade Patt & Partners
27Macan Patt
28M'Loughlin John
29Murphy Patt
30Macan Widow
31Macan Arthur
32Macan Bryan
33M'Kinly Brien
34Nugent James
35O Neill Henry

Transcribed from PRONI Reference FIN/5/A/143, Tithe applotment for the parish of Forkhill, County Armagh.


“Macan” = “McCann”

“M’Kinly” = “McKinley”

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