Tithe Applotment, Ballykeel, Forkill, Armagh

List of landholders in the townland of Ballykeel, parish of Forkhill, County Armagh, ca. 1828 [1820-1840].

No. of LandholderName of Landholder
1Bennett John
2Bennett Lawrence
3Bennett Francis
4Bennett Widow
5Bennett Michael & Partners
6Conlan Owen
7Hammil Patt
8Hammil Patt and Son
9McKinly Brien
10McKinly Michael
11McGlade Widow
12McCann Brien
13McCann Brien
14Ogle Colonel
15Ogle Mrs. Bog
16Reed John

Transcribed from PRONI Reference FIN/5/A/143, Tithe applotment for the parish of Forkhill, County Armagh.

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