Muintervara Marriages, 1823-1824

From the parish registers for the RC parish of Muintervarra [variant names: Kilcrohane, Muintervara, Durrus), Diocese of Cork & Ross, County of Cork, civil parish of Kilcrohane, Co. Cork, at the NLI’s Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI. For all of the marriage records transcribed below, the officiating priest was the Rev. Richard Quinn, parish priest at Muintervara from 1818 to 1849.

Muintervarra Marriages, 1823-1824

DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2
16 Jan 1823William SmithMary MurrayThomas MurrayRichard Smith
16 Jan 1823Denis SullivanEllen MahonyTimothy SullivanJohn Mahony
20 Jan 1823Timothy MurphyMary CainJeremiah MurphyJeremiah Cain
20 Jan 1823James DalyJoanna MahonyTimothy DalyJohn Mahony
5 Feb 1823Jeremiah Carthy
4th to 4th consanguinity
Honora Donovan
4th to 4th consanguinity
Patrick DonovanRichard Tobin
8 Feb 1823Cornelius ClearyMary LynchJohn LynchJohn Cleary
8 Feb 1823Thomas HeazleJudith MurphyThomas HeazleJeremiah Murphy
9 Feb 1823William KellyEllen CombaDaniel CombaJohn Comba
9 Feb 1823Daniel BohaneJoanna MahonyTimothy CarthyWilliam Bohane
9 Feb 1823Jeremiah MahonyElizabeth HurlyJames MahonyHugh Hurly
11 Feb 1823Timothy SullivanEllen DonovanDenis DonovanDaniel Donovan
11 Feb 1823John Holahan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Honora Holahan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Denis MahonyDaniel Holahan
11 Feb 1823Thomas HarringtonEllen CarthyJeremiah DriscollEugene Carthy
11 Feb 1823Cornelius DriscollHonora HarringtonJames HarringtonTimothy Driscoll
11 Feb 1823George NicholasCatherine DalyThomas NicholasOwen Daly
11 Feb 1823John CarthyHonora DalyDaniel DalyJohn Mahony
11 Feb 1823Timothy MahonyEllen LucyCornelius LucyTimothy Hurly
11 Feb 1823Owen Carthy
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Ellen Lehane
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
John LehaneThomas Connell
11 Feb 1823Denis SullivanElizabeth ReycroftRichard ReycroftRichard Reycroft
11 Feb 1823Daniel DriscollJoanna MahonyTimothy DriscollJohn Driscoll
11 Feb 1823Patrick DonovanMary MahonyDaniel DonovanMichael Coghlan
11 Feb 1823Patrick ReganHonora SullivanDaniel SullivanDenis Donovan
11 Feb 1823John DalyMary BurkeTimothy DalyDaniel Leary
6 Jul 1823Michael MahonyHonora DonovanThomas DonovanTimothy Mahony
10 July 1823Ely/Elias RoycroftMary MahonyDaniel HarringtonJames Quin
5 Aug 1823Eugene McCarthyBridget CollinsJames ConnellyCornelius Mahony
12 Aug 1823Timothy DonovanMargaret DalyEdmund TobinThomas Donovan
5 Nov 1823John MahonyMargaret SullivanEdmund MahonyTimothy Carthy
13 Nov 1823Jeremiah DonovanJudith ArundalWilliam ArundalJeremiah Sullivan
1 Feb 1824Timothy DalyMary DonovanRobert KellyMichael Donovan
1 Feb 1824Daniel SullivanCatherine SweneyOwen SweneyJeremiah Sullivan
5 Feb 1824Cornelius NeilEllen MahonyDaniel MahonyJames Paul
5 Feb 1824John McCarthyEllen MurnanePatrick MurnaneMichael Murnane
8 Feb 1824Cornelius SullivanMary HorriganDaniel SullivanDaniel Sullivan
12 Feb 1824John McdonnellEllen CallaghanJeremiah CarthyJohn Carthy
12 Feb 1824David HartiganMary DriscollTimothy DriscollDenis Bohane
12 Feb 1824Eugene DalyEllen GreenePatrick TobinPatrick Greene
15 Feb 1824Charles HalyMargaret HoulahanePatrick HalyTimothy Houlahan
15 Feb 1824Jeremiah DonovanEllen MahonyDaniel DonovanJames Mahony
15 Feb 1824Jeremiah ReganMary HurlyCornelius ReganRichard Cotter
17 Feb 1824Timothy SullivanMargaret MahonyDaniel MahonyWilliam Sullivan
17 Feb 1824Henry GuillEllen TobinRichard TobinEdmund Tobin
22 Feb 1824Michael CollinsMary SullivanTimothy SullivanJohn Sullivan
22 Feb 1824Timothy CarthyHonora SheaJohn DalyMichael Carthy
2 Mar 1824Denis DalyMary TobinRichard TobinJohn Daly
2 Mar 1824Jeremiah CroneenMary DonovanCharles CroneenTimothy Donovan
2 Mar 1824Jeremiah CoghlanJudith SullivanMichael CoghlanJohn Sullivan
2 Mar 1824Daniel MahonyMary SullivanTimothy MahonyOwen Carthy
2 Mar 1824James CroneenEllen GormanJames GormanTimothy Harrington
2 Mar 1824Jeremiah DriscollCatherine BohaneMichael BohaneCornelius Driscoll
2 Mar 1824John CombaEllen BarryMichael CombaJeremiah Kernane
2 Mar 1824Cornelius CollinsJoanna DonovanPatrick DonovanPatrick Collins
2 Mar 1824William HartiganMary SullivanCharles KingJeremiah Hartigan
2 Mar 1824Michael ReganCatherine TobinJohn TobinJeremiah Regan
2 Mar 1824Timothy SullivanEllen TobinDaniel SullivanRichd Tobin
27 Apr 1824Denis SullivanEllen ReganCornelius HarringtonJohn Byrne
27 Apr 1824Cornelius HarringtonAbigail SullivanDaniel SullivanJohn Byrne
29 Apr 1824Patrick HarringtonJudith MurphyJeremiah MurphyJohn Brennine
27 May 1824James QuinJane DonovanRichard TobinRichard Donovan
14 Aug 1824Timothy MahonyHonora ClearyJohn MahonyJohn Cleary
31 Aug 1824John HarringtonJoan SheehanDaniel HarringtonTimothy Dillon
4 Sep 1824John ReganElizabeth SullivanDaniel DonovanCornelius Sullivan
15 Oct 1824Charles DonovanHonora ConnollyJohn ConnollyJeremiah Donovan
4 Nov 1824Patrick FlynnMargaret CowhigCornelius FlynnJohn Cowhig
13 Nov 1824Timothy Sullivan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Catherine Coughlan
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
John OwensCornelius Cronin
21 Nov 1824William Tobin
3rd to 4th consanguinity
Ellen MCarthy
3rd to 4th consanguinity
Richard TobinTimothy MCarthy
21 Nov 1824Thomas FoleyHonora DalyDaniel DonoghueJames Quin
21 Nov 1824Denis DoneganHonora MCarthyDenis SullivanRichard Tobin
21 Nov 1824Owen Gallaher
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Anne Gallaher
3rd to 3rd consanguinity
Michael GallaherCharles MCarthy
27 Nov 1824James DriscollMary DonovanJeremiah DonovanEdward Brennan
DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2