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To Hear the Wolves Howl

By Thomas Edwin Moran

Thomas Edwin Moran (1863-1942)

Thomas Edwin Moran was the son of Alexander Michael Moran and Mary Leavy. Toward the end of his life, he wrote some notes and reminiscences about our family, which included the following anecdote.

Thomas Edwin Moran was a Lumberman Ancestor.

My father known as Alexander Morin known as ‘Sandy’ married Mary Levi of Pakenham. They lived on a farm in the White Lake district, a virgin forest well populated with wolves, bear, and deer. If they wished to hear the wolves howl, they’d blow the dinner horn, which was made of the bow of an ox, and the wolves would answer.

Mary Leavy (1832-1907)

… When Mrs Morin’s [i.e., Mary Leavy’s] brother and sister came to visit, the brother asked, ‘Mary, would you like to have some deer meat?’ And she said ‘Yes.’ He wasn’t long gone when he returned and asked them to go with him to bring the deer in. He was not long fixing up the deer he had shot, and when they got back home he asked them if they took notice of him looking up on the rock which was nearby.

They had not noticed.

He said there was a wolf on the rock watching them while he was quartering the deer. He said, ‘If that fellow had howled for his companions, we wouldn’t have got much deer.’