And Bob's Your Uncle... Sometimes it really helps to have a genealogy program that can calculate and display more than one relationship between two given individuals -- which is what I have at Ottawa Valley Irish: A Genealogy Database, where I use┬áTNG (The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding). Take, for example, the case of Eugene … Continue reading Stepcousins?

1 Household, 8 Inhabitants, 4 Surnames

One household, eight inhabitants, four surnames...That's one surname for every two inhabitants, or "inmates" as they were called in the 1861 Canadian census,[1. Nowadays, "inmate" carries connotations of institutionalized confinement, most notably with reference to prisons, but in the nineteenth century, it just meant one of several dwellers in the same house or building.] and … Continue reading 1 Household, 8 Inhabitants, 4 Surnames