Muintervara Marriages, 1819-1820

From the parish registers for the RC parish of Muintervarra [variant names: Kilcrohane, Muintervara, Durrus), Diocese of Cork & Ross, County of Cork, civil parish of Kilcrohane, Co. Cork, at the NLI’s Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI. For all of the marriage records transcribed below, the officiating priest was the Rev. Richard Quinn, parish priest at Muintervara from 1818 to 1849.

A couple of points about the forenames:

Mirto probably = Murtagh/Murtaugh.
Florence was a boy’s name in 19th-century Co. Cork.

Muintervarra Marriages, 1819-1820

DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2
4 Feb 1819Michael DonovanHonora MurnaneDenis MurnaneJohn Murnane
5 Feb 1819Daniel SweeneyJudith CarthyPatrick SweeneyTimothy Carthy
8 Feb 1819James DonovanMary HarringtonTimothy HarringtonRichard Tobin
10 Feb 1819Timothy DonovanCatherine MurrayPatrick DonovanDaniel Murray
14 Feb 1819Cornelius BohaneHonor DalyOwen DalyJeremiah Bohane
14 Feb 1819Daniel SullivanMary HarringtonJeremiah SullivanJohn Harrington
14 Feb 1819Daniel SmallJudith CarthyDenis SmallJeremiah Carthy
14 Feb 1819Daniel HurlyMary DonovanJeremiah HurlyDaniel Donovan
14 Feb 1819Edward CroninHonora DalyDavid GogganWilliam Goggin
14 Feb 1819Jeremiah CoakleyJudith BrienTimothy CoakleyDenis Brien
14 Feb 1819Timothy SullivanCatherine DonoghuePatrick DonoghueDaniel Bogane
14 Feb 1819James HolahanElizabeth KissaneMaurice KissaneDaniel Cronin
14 Feb 1819Patrick SullivanMargaret CroninDaniel CroneenTimothy Carthy
14 Feb 1819James CotterMary ConnorJames [Comba?]James Cotter
14 Feb 1819Michael LearyMary GrounnyJames GrounnyMichael Gallaher
14 Feb 1819James CarthyEllen SullivanDaniel SullivanEugene Carthy
14 Feb 1819Timothy SullivanEllen SullivanJames SullivanDaniel Sullivan
Jun 1819John HolahanEllen HarringtonDaniel HarringtonJeremiah Harrington
25 Jul 1819Daniel CohaneMargaret BohaneDaniel BohaneDenis Bohane
2 Aug 1819Daniel SmallJoanna MahonyPatrick SullivanJames Mahony
2 Aug 1819Timothy DonovanMaria RogersRichd DonovanDaniel Donovan
2 Aug 1819John DalyJoanna HarringtonDaniel HarringtonCornelius Donovan
12 Sep 1819Jeremiah MurphyMary DalyJeremiah MurphyJames Small
12 Sep 1819Cornelius BrienHonora CarthyCharles CarthyTimothy Harrington
20 Nov 1819Daniel CrowleyEllen DonoghuePatrick DonoghueThomas Donovan
20 Nov 1819John EvansonMary MahonyMirto MahonyPatrick Flyn
Jan 1820Daniel HarringtonEllen HurlyJohn HurlyTimothy Harrington
Jan 1820James SullivanJoanna CarthyRoger SullivanTimothy Carthy
Jan 1820Patrick SullivanJoanna DalyTimothy SullivanRichard Tobin
Jan 1820Daniel DalyHonora HurlyTimothy DalyDaniel Hurly
Jan 1820Cornelius SullivanJudith Brien[James?] BrienDaniel Sullivan
1 Feb 1820Patrick SullivanMargaret DriscollJames SullivanCornelius Brien
3 Feb 1820Jeremiah MurphyMary DalyDaniel SullivanTimothy Daly
3 Feb 1820John HarringtonCatherine HurlyJames HurlyTimothy Harrington
10 Feb 1820Denis CarthyMary DalyFlorence CarthyOwen Daly
10 Feb 1820Edmund CarthyMargaret DonovanThomas DonovanDenis Donovan
10 Feb 1820Florence StackEllen TobinJames TobinMark Tobin
10 Feb 1820William BarryMargaret CarthyJeremiah BrienJames Carthy
10 Feb 1820Cornelius LihaneMary DalyJohn LihaneDenis Daly
10 Feb 1820Michael LongEllen DonovanDenis LongRoger Foley
10 Feb 1820Michael DonovanCatherine CombaDenis SullivanJohn Comba
13 Feb 1820Daniel HartiganJudith ConnorJames HartiganTimothy Connor
13 Feb 1820Denis HolohanCatherine SheaJohn DalyJames Shea
13 Feb 1820John SullivanMary NeilAndrew NeilJames Sullivan
13 Feb 1820Patrick DriscollMary HurlyJeremiah DriscollTimothy [not given]
13 Feb 1820James FlynMargaret FergussonJames DealerThomas Ferguson
13 Feb 1820Denis SheaMargaret DonovanRandall DonovanJeremiah Shea
13 Feb 1820Charles CarthyMargaret DonoghueThomas DonoghueJustin McCarthy
13 Feb 1820James HickeyJoanna DonovanJames DonovanThomas Hickey
13 Feb 1820Daniel MahonyJoanna FoleyPatrick DonovanThomas Ferguson
13 Feb 1820Daniel DonovanEllen CarthyRichard ReycroftCornelius Bohane
15 Feb 1820Cornelius MahonyEllen HarringtonJames HarringtonTimothy Mahony
15 Feb 1820Florence CarthyJudith BohaneDaniel SullivanJames Bohane
15 Feb 1820Cornelius BohaneMargaret SullivanJames BohaneAndrew Neil
15 Feb 1820Denis DonovanCatherine CarthyOwen CarthyThomas Donovan
15 Feb 1820Randall DonovanMargaret FlynJeremiah SullivanCornelius Sullivan
15 Feb 1820Timothy CroneenMary CarthyTimothy LihaneDenis Cronin
15 Feb 1820James MurphyCatherine CulnaneJohn CulnaneJohn Murphy
15 Feb 1820Timothy DonovanEllen BohaneCornelius MahonyLaurence Donovan
15 Feb 1820James CarthyEllen CarthyPatrick CarthyRobert Evanson
15 Feb 1820James WardJoanna HarringtonJames WardJeremiah Harrington
15 Feb 1820Denis ReganMary MayPatrick ReganThomas May
15 Feb 1820James CoghlanEllen SullivanJeremiah CoghlanRichard Tobin
15 Feb 1820Patrick DalyMary GallaherJames BarryDaniel Sullivan
15 Feb 1820Thomas SullivanBridget SullivanTimothy MeagherJohn Ferguson
15 Feb 1820Timothy HarringtonMargaret SullivanThomas SullivanDaniel Sullivan
DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2