3 thoughts on “John Alexander Moran (1934-2013)”

  1. Rick Baker says:

    Oh, to lose both parents in such a short time! I offer my heartfelt condolences, and appreciation for what they brought to life.

    My own father — good as he is — wouldn’t be heard to crack a song. 🙁 Some silly over-developed sense of dignity, coupled with a deep-seated fear of mortification, I guess.

    It’s grand that you have recorded sound of your dad, in addition to your cherished memories!

  2. Thanks very much, Rick, for your condolences. My mum and dad had been together for 49 years. So I guess it’s not surprising that my father died three months less two days after the death of my mother. We miss him terribly, though, and we miss our mother terribly too.

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