Muintervara Marriages, 1825-1826

From the parish registers for the RC parish of Muintervarra [variant names: Kilcrohane, Muintervara, Durrus), Diocese of Cork & Ross, County of Cork, civil parish of Kilcrohane, Co. Cork, at the NLI’s Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI.

Muintervarra Marriages, 1825-1826

DateGroom BrideWitness 1Witness 2
27 Jan 1825Timothy SullivanHonora DonovanOwen SullivanPatrick Donovan
30 Jan 1825Owen SullivanMary SullivanCornelius SullivanDaniel Sullivan
6 Feb 1825Daniel ConnollyCatherine CarthyJohn ConnollyCharles Carthy
8 Feb 1825Owen SullivanEllen DempseyTimothy DempseyJames May
8 Feb 1825Daniel SullivanEllen HurleyDenis HurleyWilliam Huchinson
10 Feb 1825John SullivanJudith HarringtonPhilip HarringtonTimothy Sullivan
10 Feb 1825Richard TobinMargaret HarringtonJohn TobinJohn Mahony
12 Feb 1825Jeremiah MurphyJane McCarthyFrancis MurphyCharles McCarthy
12 Feb 1825Thomas DonovanMary HurleyJohn HurleyThomas Donovan
12 Feb 1825James MahonyCatherine HayesDenis MahonyDenis Driscoll
13 Feb 1825Francis MurphyHonora SullivanTimothy MurphyJames King
15 Feb 1825Denis HurlyJoanna HoulahanJohn HolohanJeremiah Hurly
15 Feb 1825Michael DonovanCatherine SullivanJohn ClearyJeremiah Sullivan
15 Feb 1825Daniel MahonyMargaret CarthySteven CarthyOwen Carthy
15 Feb 1825Patrick BohaneCatherine HurleyThomas ConnellDaniel Harrington
3 Feb 1825Timothy MCarthyEllen DalyDaniel NeilOwen Daly
6 Feb 1825Mark TobinMary MCarthyTimothy BohaneWilliam Connel
6 Feb 1825Charles CoghlanJohanna MCarthyTimothy MCarthyJerry Coughlan
6 Feb 1825Daniel MurryCatharine MahonyTimothy SullivanJerry Driscoll
8 Feb 1825John MCarthyHonora DonovanCharles MCarthyThomas Donovan
10 Feb 1825Denis CroninCatherine SullivanCornelius CroninCornelius Sullivan
10 Feb 1825Denis DalyJohanna DonovanJohn DalyJohn Donovan
10 Feb 1825Felix MCarthyJulian DalyPatrick DonohueCornelius Bohan
15 Feb 1825Michael DonovanNorry HoulahanTimothy DonovanPatrick Donovan
15 Feb 1825William ReganMary SullivanTimothy DalyDenis Menihan
15 Feb 1825Timothy MCarthyBetty DonovanJames MahonyJerry Coughlan
15 Feb 1825Andrew DalyJoan TobinJames DalyWilliam Tobin
15 Feb 1825John HarringtonMary ReganCornelius SullivanJohn Swiney
15 Feb 1825Daniel LearyCatharine CroninPatrick DalyCharles MCarthy
28 May 1825Denis FlynJohanna SullivanCatherine DalyMary Daly
2 Jul 1825Philip ReillyCatherine SullivanJames QuinJohn Carthy
16 Aug 1825Daniel CroninMary McDonaldDaniel DalyDenis McDonald
6 Sep 1825Timothy ReganCatherine BohaneDaniel ReganCornelius Bohane
27 Sep 1825Daniel SullivanAnne SullivanJohn PattesonStephen Sullivan
6 Sep 1825Timothy ReganCatherine BohaneCornelius BohaneJohn Carthy
12 Sep 1825Charles ReganMargaret BohaneDenis BohaneRichard Donovan
10 Oct 1825John BrienJudith FlynnMr GiffordMichael Harrington
23 Oct 1825Patrick HoulahanMary BoyleOwen BoyleJames Boyle
24 Nov 1825Bath DriscollNelly DenisTim DriscollJohn Denis
26 Nov 1825Timothy DonovanMary SheaTimothy SullivanJohn Connolly
26 Nov 1825James BarryMary DonovanJohn DonovanPeggy Martin
26 Nov 1825Con DonovanNorry SullivanDaniel SullivanOwen Carthy
29 Jan 1826Jeremiah Brien
3rd to 4th consanguinity
Judith Arundel
3rd to 4th consanguinity
William ArundelDaniel Brien
31 Jan 1826Timothy HurleyCartherine ReycroftMichael HurlyThomas Reycroft
31 Jan 1826Patrick CarthyMary SpillaneJohn SpillaneJeremiah Carty
21 Jan 1826Denis BourkePeggy KellyTim KellyJohn Carthy
26 Jan 1826Laurence DonovanMary MurphyDavid MurphyRichd Tobin
26 Jan 1826Maurice FoleyPeggy DowneyDan DowneyJerry Donovan
4 Feb 1826Willm SullivanPeggy TobinMark TobinDanl Sullivan
4 Feb 1826Daniel LehaneCatherine SullivanPhilip SullivanOwen Carthy
5 Feb 1826Patt DalyCatherine DoneganTim DalyDenis Donigan
5 Feb 1826Dan CarthyJohanna ReganPatt ReganOwen Carthy
7 Feb 1826John BarryCatherine CoghlanDavid BarryJerry Coghlan
7 Feb 1826Tim LehaneMary TobinCon LehaneJames Connell
7 Feb 1826John BohaneMary CarthyCallaghan MCarthyJames Daly
7 Feb 1826Patt CarthyBiddy DalyJohn DalyTim Sullivan
2 Feb 1826John SwineyMary SullivanDaniel HarringtonMichael Sullivan
2 Feb 1826Randal DonovanMary CarthyJohn DonovanWm Carthy
2 Feb 1826John SullivanAnne HurlyJeremiah SullivanDenis Hurly
2 Feb 1826Michael CombaMary WardMichael WardPatrick Sullivan
5 Feb 1826Daniel SullivanMary HarringtonPatrick HarringtonJohn Sullivan
5 Feb 1826James DalyHonora SullivanDenis DalyJeremiah Sullivan
7 Feb 1826Owen SullivanMary DonovanCornelius SullivanDaniel Donovan
7 Feb 1826Timothy KellyElizabeth SullivanDaniel SullivanTimothy Kelly
7 Feb 1826Daniel BrienCatherine DempsyTimothy DempsyEdward Brien
7 Feb 1826Denis CarthyEllen SullivanJeremiah SullivanJohn Carthy
7 Feb 1826Cornelius SullivanMargaret FlynnDenis SheaJeremiah Sullivan
7 Feb 1826Cornelius HarringtonHonora ConnellyJohn ConnellyOwen Sullivan
7 Feb 1826Thomas SullivanMary TobinWilliam TobinDenis Sullivan
7 Feb 1826John HurleyEllen BurkeMichael HurleyDenis Hurley
7 Feb 1826John HurleyMary CotterGarrett CotterJeremiah Daly
7 Feb 1826Denis FlynnEllen MahonyJohn SullivanThomas Connell
11 May 1826James SullivanCatherine DenisJohn DenisTim Sullivan
4 Jun 1826Dan BrienJulia CapeTim McCarthyJohanna Wholihan
24 Jun 1826Denis CollinsMary WardJames WardJeremiah Driscoll
27 Jun 1826Simon ConnorCatherine ShanahaneTimothy ConnorJames Neil
27 Jun 1826Philip HarringtonCatherine MahonyFlorence MahonyDenis Harrington
2 Jul 1826Cornelius DriscollEllen SullivanRoger SullivanMichael Driscoll
6 Aug 1826Denis SullivanMargaret ReganJerry SullivanJames Tobin
3 Sep 1826Cornelius BohanCatherine CareyJames CartyJerry Bohan
21 Sep 1826James DonovanHonora ConnellJames DenisWilliam Donovan
8 Oct 1826James ManihaneMary PowerJohn ManihaneJohn Power
12 Oct 1826Jeremiah SullivanNancy CaverlyJohn CaverlyTimothy Sullivan
16 Nov 1826Cornelius SullivanBridget DonoghuePatrick DonoghueThomas Donovan
28 Nov 1826Jeremiah DriscollMary SullivanDenis DriscollTimothy Sullivan
30 Nov 1826Eugenius HickeyEllen TobinTimothy SullivanRichard Tobin
16 Nov 1826Thomas SullivanMargaret O SheaTimothy O SullivanTimothy O Donovan
28 Nov 1826Cornelius CroninMary MurphyMichl MurphyPatrick Daly
DateGroomBrideWitness 1Witness 2

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  1. Researching my family tree-genealogy. McCarthy from Roscarbery & Clonakilty Co. Cork. I have a birth certificate and marriage certificate for Jeremiah McCarthy. Help required with death certificate & his wife, details. Thanks.

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