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Border Crossings (Morans and Sullivans)

Two of the daughters of Alexander (“Sandy”) Michael Moran and Mary Ann Leavy married men by the name of Sullivan, which two men appear to be completely unrelated to one another. One Sullivan was born in Canada and died in the US; the other Sullivan was born in the US and died in Canada.

Children of Sandy Moran and Mary Leavy

Alexander (“Sandy”) Michael Moran (1830-1892) and Mary Leavy (1832-1907) had the following children: John (1854-1921) Margaret Jane (1856-1873) James (1858-1899) Mary Ernestine (“Tina”) (1859-1943) Thomas Edwin (1860-1942) Julia Amanda (1864-1941) Ellen Elizabeth (“Nellie”) (1866-1947) Mary Eugenie Gertrude (“Minnie”) (1868-1953) Anne [or Anastasia?] (“Annie”) (1871-?) Alexander Michael (“Alec”) (1872-1939) Mary Emelia [sometimes Emma] (“Em”) (1874-1963) I…

Memories of the Morans

Emmett Patrick Sloan (1920-2007) was the son of John Percival Sloan and Mary Lillian Fagan, and a descendant, through his mother’s side, of James Moran and Margaret Jamieson. He was also a family historian who spent years constructing a very detailed family tree, which involved tracing any number of Morans and Leavys across North America.…